I am currently a Senior Designer at POSSIBLE. All of my portfolio work contains some blood, sweat, and even tears in it.

Hi, I'm Mitchell Beckman and I am a interactive/motion designer with video skills that can tell any story. My own story spans the U.S. starting in Hollywood where I worked on projects for Warner Brothers and Paramount (Harry Potter, Terminator, Rango). Later I found myself in Manhattan taking on Crocs, New Balance, and TNT. Finally I found my way back home to Cincinnati where I spent time working on P&G brands while at LPK. Upon graduating college I worked at Ample designing videos and websites for a wide range of clients. I did all of this before heading over to my current job at POSSIBLE taking on brands such as EAS, Febreze, & Gillette.

Outside my passion for motion and interactive work I am a huge sports guru who enjoys watching both professional and college sports (Go Bearcats). I consider myself an active person that plays football, basketball, and sand volleyball. Other hobbies include biking, camping, snow skiing and even playing video games in my spare time. I have traveled to many places both within and outside the U.S. allowing me to experience unique and new cultures. Despite my love of football and sports in general, I fear that I am becoming more of a designy guy then a jock - partaking in craft beers, restaurants no one has heard of, and other hipster like stuff lol.

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